Seating Arrangements in LIFEBOAT

Regarding Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat. Regarding the division of the lifeboat into "Bridge," "Passenger Deck" and "Crew," there are, I'm sure a few cases where the characters deviate from that scheme (if it was, in fact, consciously developed).

Still, Note that when Stanley moves from the stern to midship, his role also changes: in the stern he's a crew member, but in midship, he switches roles and becomes a passenger: the suggestion is that he and the nurse are symbolically "honeymooning," (their cuddling, his repeatedly untying the bow in her hair, which suggests "deflowering," and later promise of marriage, point to that) and this is the only scene in which he - - or any other passengers -- are sheltered from the sun.

Likewise, when Kovacs moves to the rear of the boat, it is after he has been demoted from captain to seaman.

This suggests that as the characters change roles, they move around the boat as well. I'm going to to have to rewatch LB myself before I push the point too hard, but there you go.

Joel Gunz