Two New Books about Hitchcock's Women

An icy coolness barely concealing a libidinous fire. Intelligent. Sophisticated. Deadly.

And, of course, blonde.

Alfred Hitchcock transformed his leading women into something more than stars. They were idols. Watching Grace Kelly plant that stop-motion kiss on James Stewart in REAR WINDOW still makes my toes curl. This June, two books will be released that delve into the complex relationships that he had with such actresses as Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, 'Tippi' Hedren and others:"Hitchcock's Blonde" by John Hamilton and "Spellbound by Beauty: Alfred Hitchcock and His Leading Ladies."

I'll check back in here and give, as Kelly said to Stewart, "a preview of coming attractions."


As much as I adore Hitchcock, I am a bit sad he didn't love brunettes.
Joel Gunz said…
Heh heh. yeah. All of his brunettes got the... uh... fuzzy end of the lollipop: Suzanne Pleshette in "The Birds," Brigitte Auber in "To catch a Thief" (well, redhead), the actress who played Lil in "Marnie"....
Anonymous said…
Hitchcock's Blonde by John Hamilton- came out last week from Hemlock Books in the UK:

"He was the most celebrated director of his generation, but his murder mysteries and thrillers hid the secrets of his own sexual repression. She was the most beautiful female star of her day, known on-screen for her glacial aloofness and off-screen for her sexual appetites. Together, they made three celebrated movies and Grace Kelly’s influence on Alfred Hitchcock was as profound as it was disturbing..

For the first time in print, their work together is examined in detail, their relationship with each other is explored in depth and Hitchcock’s darkest fantasies are revealed..."