Another Hitchcock Remake: Number 13 With Dan Fogler

Dan Fogler, Ewan McGregor and Ben Kingsley have been signed on to star in the latest remake of an Alfred Hitchcock film. This time they’ll be taking a swing at the first film directed by the then-23-year-old director, Number 13. Technically, though, calling the film a remake of the 1922 original is a bit of a stretch. Hitch’s thriller was never finished and only a single still remains.

But this is not just an adaptation. There’s a whole new script, featuring the behind-the-camera antics of Hitchcock (played by Fogler). According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hitchcock "gets caught up in a very Hitchcockian situation while making the film. His lead actor is killed and his editor suspects him of being the murderer. The portly English director is forced to try and solve the mystery himself."

If the prospect of seeing a remake of The Birds makes you queasy, wait until you watch Fogler describe Number 13 as a sort of Hitchcock in Love. If Hitch is rolling over in his grave, I'm sure it's from laughter.


Is it for sure that The Birds is going to be remade? I am glad I found your blog! If you look at mine, you will see I am also devoted to Hitchcock.
Joel Gunz said…
Hiya Barefoot! Thanks for dropping by. Yep, "The Birds" is definitely coming. Naomi Watts, who will be filling Tippi's shoes, has mentioned in a couple of interviews recently.
Juliette said…
Happy New Year to you Joel.

This sounds like an interesting project - enjoy Ben Kingsley immensely - he shares birthday (31.12.) with Anthony Hopkins, just a bit of trivia there and more trivia - they were both up for the role of Ghandi - Kingsley was second choice as AH turned it down - professional integrity!
Great post as usual.
Joel Gunz said…
Hi Juliette - It's due out in the next few months.... we'll see! ;)