Vanity Fair Pictures from Alfred Hitchcock Scenes: Sneak Previews and Peeks

If you've been tracking the excitement (okay, MY excitement) at seeing Charlize Theron reprise Grace Kelly's role in Dial M for Murder or, for that matter seeing Gwyneth Paltrow walk in Princess Grace' steps in To Catch a Thief (am I the only guy who sees that obvious connection?!) then you'll definitely want to click here for a sneak preview of the upcoming Vanity Fair spread. This comes from my correspondent, the brilliant and talented radio DJ-slash-comic nerd Jill. Thanks Jill!

BTW, just so newcomers know, Hitchcock Geek isn't a fan site. Really. I'm here to talk about film and philosophy as it relates to Alfred Hitchcock's movies. That's my raison d'blog. I've got a post in the works that will dig into Oxford philosopher Stephen Mulhall's thoughts on film as philosophy and I plan to go Wittgenstein all over y'all, even ALL y'all. But, for now, there are some delicious actresses (and, okay, a few decent looking actors too) bringing famous Hitchcock images to life. What can I say? I'm a student and a fan. I think that makes me an aficionado. If that appeals to you, please, by all means, stay in touch and subscribe by clicking the chicklet or filling out the email form to the right. And I promise to return you to your regular (faux-) highbrow programming shortly. In the meantime, take a gander at the sneak peeks.


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