Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho": Can you name the painting?

Just rewatched Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho last night, so prepare for a couple of thoughts. But first, maybe you can help. Can you identify the painting that hangs in the office of George Lowery (Vaughn Taylor), Marion Crane's (played by Janet Leigh) boss? I'm guessing it's a Picasso.

Here's a better view:
If you can positively identify this picture, I'll give you a free subscription to this blog. :)
BTW - I haven't forgotten about a few connections that have turned up between Vertigo and Niagara. We'll be getting to that, I promise!


Dave Pattern said…
It does indeed look like a Picasso. Here's a higher res version of the image (from the HDTV broadcast of Psycho):
cobalt343 said…
no,it is not a Picasso.It is either German or Russian.It reminds one of a crude,early Rothko figurative work.Or German,he never could draw.Picasso'S ARE MUCH MORE DISTINCTIVE,AND PROBABLY TOO EXPENSIVE AT THAT TIME,FOR A MID LEVEL BANKER.Beyond that Picasso could draw your ass off.I think u are joking