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I’m not the kind of guy who has a habit of patting himself on the back. But so many readers have said such nice things about this geeky little blog that I just want to pass some of their comments on to you. A hale and hearty Thank You to all of my friends for Digging, Stumbling, Tweeting and otherwise banging the drum for this site. Cheers to you!

“The best Hitchcock blog on the Internet.”
– Jim McDevitt and Eric San Juan, co-authors, A Year of Hitchcock: 52 Weeks with the Master of Suspense

“Great Hitchcock site.... Your reading of Notorious makes this already near perfect film more touching.”
– Dan Auiler, author, Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic and Hitchcock’s Notebooks

“This guy knows what he's talking about when it comes to Hitchcock.”
– Dan Mecca, co-founder, The Film Stage

“A must read site for any Alfred Hitchcock fan.”
– Jason Liebe, CEO, Iterative Media

“i think i love Joel Gunz. he might be a bigger Hitchcock geek than me!
– Ashley LaFerriere, blogger, The Random Ash

"If you like Hitchcock, this is the site to visit."
– Jordan Kerfeld, film editor

“Joel Gunz is officially my Hitchcock expert that I will from now on go to for info. I hope you will as well.... This is definitely a site to check out!”
– Josh Williams, blogger, Good Luck Exploring The Infinite Abyss

“F-ing brilliant! You are a genius!”

“Some fun reading about one of the best!”
– Nanc Smith, freelance writer

“Joel Gunz is my favorite Hitchcock geek.”
– Amber, blogger, The Heathen Mommy

“Are you a huge Hitchcock fan like I am? Check out Joel Gunz and his Alfred Hitchcock Geek blog.”
– Loren McDonald, vice president, SilverPOP

“Great Hitchcock blog by Joel Gunz and well worth a look if you're a fan like me.”
– Richard Dewisk, director, Makak Media

“I think I am in love with you, although I do not know you! Vertigo is my favorite movie ever.”
– Ashley V. Routson, blogger, The Beer Wench

“I love your Hitchcock blog. LOVE.”
– Monica Sotto, blogger, Eldest and Only

“Love your blog. Hitchcock and Notorious analysis is fascinating.”
Super Project Lab

“Joel, you have an excellent site here!
– Conrad Hake, owner, Levintel

“Your blog is a dream come true for Hitchcock fanatics!
Dark City Dame

“This blog is fantastic! I am going to put a link to your blog on my "blogs of note" list since I think it's amazing!”
– Miss Coryn, blogger, Oh La La Land

"Joel has created a new favorite hangout, Alfred Hitchcock Geek. ... I thoroughly enjoy his pages and I suggest that you check them out!"
– Alexis Morrell, blogger, Ingrid Bergman Life and Films

"Awesome blog if you're a big ol' nerd for Hitchcock."
– Kim, blogger, The Girls Can't Help It

"Joel Gunz writes an amazing blog about Hitchcock & his movies. Old school cinema fans should check it out."