Broadway's "The 39 Steps" Holds Alfred Hitchcock Look-a-like Contest

Richard Hannay and Pamela (Sean Mahon and Jill Paice) get a foretaste of the "bonds" of matrimony.

Here's your chance to get your own Hitchcock geek on. If you're fat and bald (or, if you know how to slick your hair back and stuff a pillow inside your Brooks Brothers suit), you might be eligible to win tickets to see The 39 Steps on Broadway.

Send in a photo of your personal interpretation of the Master of Suspense to the play's promoters by September 7th. They're giving away tickets and other show prizes. Check out the details.

They've come up with lots of other ways to celebrate September as their own Hitchcock month. I'll be kicking off the month with an after-show Talkback Tuesday on September 1st. I hope to see you there!


Anonymous said…
Unrelated to the post, but I watched 'The Man who knew too much' (1956 version) the other day prior to going to Morrocco and noticed that there are a fair few politically incorrect things said in the first act ... never realised when I first watched it!
Joel Gunz said…
Interesting! What, exactly, caught your attention?