Mel Brooks Croons High Anxiety

What's not to love about Mel Brooks when he sends up Alfred Hitchcock and Frank Sinatra in one chorus?



Hi! Joel,
I have not had the opportunity to watch Mel Brooks' film parodying Hitchcock's films yet, but that was very amusing.

By the way, I hope that you and your family have a very pleasant Thanksgiving holiday too.
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D
Tom said…
Oh, I love this scene! Thanks for posting it. It was fun to watch again.
Alexis said…
I actually stayed in the hotel 2 years was still, for the most part, the same as in the film! There's a giant sculpture where he "shoots" that guy in the head. I love that movie "I feel like I'm caught in a web" LMAO!
Joel Gunz said…
Hey Dee Dee - Have a wonderful thanksgiving yourself!

Alexis! - I know, I saw the movie a few weeks ago and Elled M.A.O. My favorite character is Nurse Diesel. Cloris was one funny lady. Classy, too.
Juliette said…
Shame they've cut your video, however I'm familiar with Mel Brooks and his sketches re: Hitchcock. Hilarious!