"Alfred Hitchcock Geek" -- the Poster

It's beautifully downloadable! Suitable for framing, shucking, jiving, stapling to telephone poles and scotch taping to café windows.

Designed by yours truly -- not bad, if I do say so myself.


Hi! Joel,
Nice work! replicating director Alfred Hitchcock's poster from the 1958 film Vertigo.

I most definitely, will download the poster and place it in my book about the film Vertigo.
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D
Joel Gunz said…
Cool! let me know when it comes out!
Karla said…
I found your blog through the Wikipedia page on "The Mountain Eagle" and I had a question for you. I would like to watch all of Hitch's films chronologically, but it seems that The Pleasure Garden, The Mountain Eagle, and Downhill are nowhere to be found - not even on Amazon or eBay. Is it true that there are no surviving prints of The Mountain Eagle? Do you know anything about the other two?
Joel Gunz said…
Hi Karla -

It is indeed true that The Mountain Eagle has been unavailable for many decades. As far as those other two early films are concerned, I'm surprised to see that they are also unavailable at this time. I'm not sure if you live in the Portland area, but last time I checked, Movie Madness video rental has those two films as extras on other DVDs. Hope this helps.
Hi! Joel,
I bet you, will never guess whom I met while out there lurking on the "internet(S)" ha!(Well, I didn't actually communicate with her...but we both left comments on another blogger's blog.)
Postscript:(By the way, I wouldn't be surprised if you know whom I'am talking about...because you seem to know so much about Hitchcock and his relations.)(relatives, friends, and I guess enemies too!)