Invite Alfred Hitchcock Geek to Speak at Your Event

If you'd like something fun, educational and maybe even inspiring to liven up your next event, invite me to speak! Using still images, video clips and other graphics, these presentations aren't mere lectures. They are infotainment, keeping audiences engaged and entertained while also delivering educational and profound insights into Hitchcock's movies -- even life itself. Here are a few examples of topics:
  • Alfred Hitchcock: Shakespeare of the 20th Century
  • The Uncanny Valley: Why Hitchcock's Movies Frighten and Entice
  • How to Watch Hitchcock: An Eye-Opening Evening of Film and Philosophy
  • Hopper, Munch and Dali: Fellow Travelers with the Master of Suspense
I've spoken to crowds as large as 10,000 and have a weekly radio show on the award-winning Radio Dan Show. A career highlight for me was being invited twice to speak about Hitchcock at The 39 Steps on Broadway in New York City. A popular event has been my lecture-and-a-movie in which, using visual aids, I deliver an introductory lecture, a screening of a Hitchcock movie and then a Q & A session afterward.
  • Arts events
  • Schools
  • Fundraisers
  • Churches
  • Clubs
Contact me at joel.gunz (at) gmail (dot) com for rates and availability.