Christmas Greetings from the Alfred Hitchcock Geek

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

Wishing you jolly yuletide greetings -- and a happy 2011!

Having found this picture randomly on the interwebs, I could find no further information, except for the date (c. 1962) and conflicting claims that these are either his kids (not true, he only had one, Patricia, years earlier), that they are three anonymous children (obviously) or that they are his grandchildren (Mary Stone (b. 1953), Tere Carrubba (b. 1954), and Katie Fiala (b. 1959). My hunch is for the latter explanation. Can you fill me in?


Anonymous said…
Can't help you with your question, but I thought of you when I saw this :,5,shop,home,homecategories,bathtime

Dunno if you find it as amusing as me, but it wouldn't hurt to let you know right? :)
Joel Gunz said…
Actually, I got one for Christmas this year and can't wait to hang it!

Thanks for dropping by.