Hitchcock in Outer Space

He may not have won an Oscar for any of his 53 films, but we always knew Alfred Hitchcock was more than a star. Finally, thanks to some intrepid sky-gazing from the astronomers at Chile's La Silla observatory, Hitch's famous profile can clearly be seen in the star-forming region NGC 3324. The portrait above is actually the work of several young stars whose radiation has carved out an enormous cavity in the surrounding gases.

Well, that settles that. If you're wondering where the Master of Suspense went after he died, we now know.

Thanks to Twitter friend Onur Orhon (@onurorhon) for spotting the Universe Today article for us!


Wendy P. said…
Uncanny! Thank you for sharing the Master's final location, a fitting one indeed.
DorianTB said…
Joel, that's exciting news! I can't think of a better honor than having Our Man Hitchcock becoming a real star of sorts! Who needs Oscars when you've got an entire galaxy at your fingertips, so to speak? :-)
Sujana said…
That's spectacular! Thank you for sharing this!
Onele Mavimbela said…
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,I am a student from the Republic of South Africa,I am doing a research about Sir Hitchcock.

Can you tell me How did German Expressionism and Soviet Montage influence the work of Alfred Joseph Hitchcock?