HitchGeek Academy: How to Watch Hitchcock

Screen shot from this week's video.
In many important (and obvious) ways, Alfred Hitchcock died on April 29, 1980. However, since then, he’s taken on a whole new life. With four full-length biographies, dozens of scholarly books, fan books, children’s books, art books, coffee table books, “making of” books, academic magazines, blogs, articles, monographs, papers, podcasts and at least one pop-up book—all dedicated to his work—you could say that he's now more alive than ever!

I’ve been teaching Hitchcock studies for years now, and I’m still learning new things about his artistry, his groundbreaking innovations, as well as his insights into human nature. Some of these facts will astound you. For instance, in the video below, you'll learn:
  • The mysterious connection between Edvard Munch’s famous expressionist painting "The Scream" and The Birds 
  • How Hitchcock's presence in his films extends far beyond his customary cameo walk-ons
  • How Psycho changed forever the way theaters operate.
I have a feeling that this H2WH segment will become a regular feature in my video program. After all, Hitchcock's films are very much about the art—if not the crime—of watching! Take a look:


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