North by Northwest and the Number 13

The numerals on Eve's hotel room in Chicago add up to 13. Coincidence? I think not. Or, maybe not-not.

In Alfred Hitchcock's movies, even the slightest details can be illuminating. At the same time, a word of caution is in order when examining his or any others' films; even the most well-planned movies enjoy what are nothing more than happy coincidences. I just re-watched Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest the other night and couldn't help noticing a recurrence of the unlucky number thirteen.
  • Eve Kendall's car number on the 20th Century Limited is 3901 – the digits of which add up to 13.
  • Her room number in the Chicago hotel is 463, which adds up to 13.
  • When Thornhill rides in a police car after being "rescued" from the art auction, they are followed by a bus whose serial number, on prominent display in the squad car's rear window, is 1183. You know the math.
Curious, isn’t it? It probably means nothing. Or does it? I just post them as I see them.


Jennythenipper said…
It is possible that you have gone off the deep-end, my friend. I love it. The train to crazy town leaves on platform...13
Jawa said…
I'm going to have to watch it again now. No chore though as it's my favourite Hitchcock. Unless it's The 39 Steps, or perhaps Rear Window. It's a tough call especially as there isn't one I don't like apart from maybe Under Capricorn. Even that has it's moments though.