The Best of "Alfred Hitchcock Geek"

Hitch reading over Ingrid Bergman's shoulder. I wonder if he's reading over mine -- wherever he is.

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Alexis said…
I love the picture! I'm a huge Ingrid/Hitch fan and your blog is great! I'll continue to follow... keep up the good work. If you're ever looking to talk geekdom with anyone... write Alexis at

Joel Gunz said…
Hey Alexis - Thanks for dropping by and leaving those kind words behind. If you have any questions or comments, send them my way!
Anonymous said…
Excellent (said in non-Bill & Ted-esque way)! Thanks for this synthesis of essential links, Joel! Luv the photo of Hitch and Ingrid Bergman (who's also a fave of mine along with Ingmar).